Option 1: One-to-One Anti-Aging Plan

Our exclusive Anti-Aging Package includes:

1. Oxidative Stress Test
2. A 60 minute consultation to review the results
3. Bespoke anti-aging nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help you to slow down the aging process.

The Oxidative Stress Test sample measures free radical damage, and oxidative damage to both your cell membranes and to your DNA, to show you how rapidly your cells are aging and if you need a nutrition and lifestyle intervention.

Invest £525

Option 2: Online Course Food for Thought

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Our Food for Thought: 8 Weeks to Future-Proof Your Brain is designed to give you guidance on how to protect your brain as you age.

You’ll receive 8 weeks of videos, worksheets and group coaching to help you get proactive about improving your mental clarity, memory, decision-making and focus from the moment we begin working together.

As this is a self-paced learning format, at £190, it’s an affordable way to begin your journey towards protecting your brain.

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