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We’ll review your Readiness Assessment in light of the current challenges you’re dealing with. Look out for an email notification to create an account in Biocanic once you book the session. So please check your inbox and spam.  Aim to complete this 72 hours before we meet.

We’ll get a deep understanding of where you feel stuck by asking a lot of questions about your lifestyle, past, support networks and how that is aligned with where it is you’d like to see yourself. We want to understand what you value, and where your priorities lie.

If it feels like a natural fit, we’ll share the options for our programs. Have a look at our FAQs for more details on the complementary, evidence-based healing modalities we draw on to restore energy, get you unstuck and feeling powerful in body and mind.

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With answers to the follow questions:


Stacy, California | Stacy came off her anti-depressants

“ The most important benefit was the testing. I started feeling better within a month. I learned how to feed my body in the correct way, as well as how to relieve stress. I was also able to completely come off my anti-depressants.”

Sharon, London | Sharon's brain fog, migraines and joint pain disappeared

“Before working with Raewyn, I often felt exhausted and suffered from “brain fog’, an increasing amount of joint pain, and had a long-standing history of migraines. Now, I am living proof that manageable lifestyle changes can have a transformational effect!”

Claire, York | Claire's depression went from a 2 to a 9, in just 4 weeks

“On a scale of 0 – 10, with 0 being the lowest mood, I’d honestly say I started at a 2. Within 4 weeks of working with Raewyn, my mood and outlook on life was at a 9!”

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