Claire’s Full Story

Claire from London

My name is Claire. I am originally from Ireland and moved to London 11 years ago. I currently work in sports sponsorship marketing for an investment bank.

Raewyn and I have been working together for the past two months. The reason I started the programme was to treat my hormonal acne and reduce inflammation. Since starting my wellness journey, my skin has almost completely cleared up, I have also noticed that I have a lot more energy, and my focus has increased.

Aside from the opportunity to improve my overall health, Raewyn has encouraged me to revisit things that light me up. Our bi-weekly sessions keep me accountable; the ‘homework’ motivates me to stay on track and helps me develop new habits.

Before I started working with Raewyn, I had terrible hormonal acne on my chin. I also suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis, which is a chronic skin condition.  For my acne, the dermatologist recommended that I go back on Accutane.  Having been on the treatment in 2017, and my acne, unfortunately, came back, I was reluctant to start another 6-month course. The drug is incredibly harsh, it’s almost like taking a sledgehammer to the problem. I was almost losing hope, as nothing else was working! After speaking with Raewyn, I decided to try another approach, this time addressing the root causes of what was going on, and I’m thrilled that I did.

The Elimination Diet has helped identify my intolerance to gluten, dairy and caffeine, and I learned that gluten and dairy are the worst offenders when it comes to my acne and Seborrheic Dermatitis flare-ups.  By eliminating these foods from my diet, I learned pretty quickly what does not agree with my body.

Now that I’ve fully adapted to the programme, I feel more in control overall. I understand my body and what I can and cannot put into it. Whereas before, I would experience random skin flare-ups, always trying to treat them with topical treatments and hope for the best!  Now I know the importance of what I’m putting into my body, and I’m a lot more organised with my food prep at home.

I love the 1:1 coaching and receiving a tailored action plan that I can follow.  I have benefited by testing the composition of my gut bacteria and getting to understand my unique microbiome profile. What showed up in the test might have taken months to identify. I’m now on a course of supplements, and feeling great!  In just 2 months, I’ve seen a significant difference in my skin – in fact, within the first 2 weeks I began noticing changes! Once the inflammation in my body started to subside, and things were healing internally, the results showed!

I have already recommended Well Works to two of my friends in the corporate world.  Also, my mum has an underactive thyroid, and I have spoken to her about potentially doing the programme. I would recommend anyone that has been on medication or about to start taking medication for chronic conditions to work with Raewyn, as there might be a more holistic way that she could help you.

Initially, I was on the fence!  I was looking for a quick fix so that my skin would start to clear up straight away but deep down, I knew that was unattainable, if I wanted to do it the right way. Nothing else has worked for my skin since my hormonal acne first started in 2017.

My favourite thing about working with Raewyn is the holistic approach she has to the entire programme. The focus is not only on food and supplements, we also do deep dives into my career, lifestyle, rediscovering what lights me up as a person, and opening the lid on what I’m going to do next. This part of the programme has been helpful for me as I have neglected things a little over the past year.

The programme will empower you to see your potential and a step-by-step guide on how to reach your goals in life. I would also stress nothing is forced on you, and it is all done at your own pace. All the changes that I have made were implemented gradually, I’ve developed so many new healthy habits, and they’ve stuck!

My friends and family have seen a difference in me, both physically and energetically.

One of the best things I’ve learned so far is the different foods that balance out your hormones and the importance of buying organic / toxin-free food and personal care products.

The thing about Well Works that is effective and unique is the online portal which also doubles up as an app. There is also a chat function which is very handy!  I love that everything is stored in one place and I can refer to the WW chats whenever I need to via my phone. The information documents are great too, they’re so easy to follow and have some great recipes to try.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve tried topical and oral treatments, both very high doses, yet my acne persisted. But 2 months of working with Raewyn, most of my acne has cleared up, and my skin is looking brighter than ever. It works!


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