Elena’s Full Story

Elena from London

My name is Elena, I’m from London, and I’m a Civil Servant. As a result of working with Well Works, my sugar cravings have disappeared, I’m a lot less anxious and I’ve rediscovered my zest for life! Since working with Well Works, I’ve had the chance to create my own blog, which has always been a dream of mine. Before, I had bad sugar cravings In the afternoon, leading to energy slumps and general fatigue. I also suffered from a lot of anxiety and frequently felt overwhelmed, leading to me procrastinate a lot.

I found out about Well Works through a life coach acquaintance of Raewyn.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt is to do one thing at a time instead of overwhelming myself!

Baby steps are key. Live according to my own rhythm, instead of what others say. I don’t have sugar cravings anymore now that I eat regularly to keep my blood sugar levels stable. I have a lot more energy and I sleep soundly. I also have my anxiety under control and make time to relax myself. I’ve started to explore my creative side by starting a blog! I would never have had the confidence to start it without Rae’s support.

What I liked most about Raewyn is that she’s so positive and authentic, makes me feel understood and supported which motivates me to move forward with my life and make positive changes – I started seeing these changes in as little as 2 weeks time.

I would recommend Well Works to perfectionist women who need to take better care of themselves one step at a time, and to someone on the fence about investing in this program, I would say absolutely do it, it’s worth the investment!

My favourite thing about the way this works is that we don’t follow a set course outline, the coaching feels very bespoke and tailored exactly to my needs. I feel like Raewyn Is very intuitive and knows what I need at the time.

My fiance says I’m definitely more relaxed and also more focused on things that I enjoy. He is very happy. I would describe Well Works as intuitive and bespoke life and health coaching, tailored to fit your needs.

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