For High-Performing Women in Business Who Don't Have Time To Waste Guessing Why They Feel Anxious, Burnt Out or Uncomfortable After Eating

Gutsy Group is a 12 week Functional Health Program that includes Functional Lab Testing, Personalized Nutrition, And Positive Psychology Supported by A Community of Gut Health Warriors

Ever feel like you’re stuck

running on a hamster wheel headed toward
complete exhaustion & breakdown?

Between juggling your career, your relationships, and all of life’s responsibilities, it can feel like no matter how much you want to take care of yourself, you’re always running. 

And your health is suffering because of it

Nowadays, you find yourself…

So you...

And you've...

You're Terrified

this might just be how things are from here on out

Because you just don’t know how to dig yourself out of this place. 

And it’s affecting more than your gut health. 

It’s taking your relationships, your career, and your happiness down with it. 

But, you know what?

There IS a way to get your life back…

Hi, I’m Raewyn

Functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, Wellness Warrior, and Woman On a Mission

Like you, I know what it’s like to struggle with gut health

Back in 2011, I was a corporate wellness manager at a global bank in Central London. I had an ever-increasing list of symptoms and a pharmacy in my purse to match. 

I was chronically exhausted, hardly able to peel myself out of bed in the morning, & having panic attacks regularly.

After 7 hard years of searching for answers – in conventional medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, the list goes on everything finally changed when I discovered the Functional Medicine approach. 

Rather than one-size-fits-all diets & treatments I’d been trying for years, I now had a data-driven, personalized approach to wellness. Within just one month of doing functional labs & implementing a personalized protocol, I felt like a new woman. 

Today, I’ve helped hundreds of women experience this freedom using this evidence-based system.

It’s the same one you’ll walk through inside this very program. 😉


Gutsy Group

The 12-week group program that’ll put YOU in the driver’s seat of your health with a personalized, data-driven protocol, weekly support, & a community of Gut Health Warriors.


“ While waiting for my lab results, I asked Rae what I could do. She suggested I read the Metabolic Type Diet.  Within 1 week of following my Metabolic Type Diet, I was less anxious and short of breath – something that had bothered me for 12 years – just from eating more protein and fat. By week 4, 1 had lost 15lbs. What’s really incredible is that my husband has lost 30lbs along with me and is reducing the number of meds he takes!”

Gutsy Group

takes the guesswork out of working towards better health & healing

Rather than investing time and money into one-size-fits-all therapies that you keep hearing *should* work… 

… you’ll get a tailored protocol based on insights found from your functional lab work, which will be your roadmap over the next 90 days. 

👋 Say goodbye to aimlessly trying different things to feel better, like…

“When you get the body right, the brain will follow”

Gutsy Group gives you

Clarity & Strategy

We’ll begin with a 60-90 minute strategy call to review your lab work together & create your individualized protocol based on our findings. This is the roadmap you’ll follow for the entire program!


You’ll receive weekly videos that support your protocol and align with your overall wellness goals. These guided videos include things like self-hypnosis, meditations, & daily affirmations. 


In addition to being part of a private online community of women on their own wellness journey, you’ll also be supported by group coaching every two weeks to keep you accountable & successful. 

“D.R.E.S.S.” is Your Protocol for Success

Your protocol & coaching is structured around the 5 Pillars of Wellness: “D.R.E.S.S.” 

Pillar 1:


Up to 90% of your serotonin (your happiness hormone) and about 50% of your GABA (your relaxation neurotransmitter) is produced in your gut. So we’ll begin by looking at the gut-brain connection – diving deep into ways you can optimize this in your life.

Pillar 2:


We’re living in a sleep deprivation epidemic, where nearly half of the Western World is sleep deprived. The problem? Sleep is the foundation for healthy habits. We’ll focus on ways you can optimize sleep based on your own lifestyle & routine.

Pillar 3:


Not only does exercise make you look good (that’s a bonus ;)), but movement can elevate your mood and spirit. We’ll explore different ways to get your body moving so that you’re gaining energy from being active, rather than feeling drained.

Pillar 4:

Stress Reduction

The modern world is full of stressors – from psychological (juggling a list of responsibilities) to biochemical (the food we eat) to environmental (the air we breathe). These can all have a significant impact on our bodies and mood. We’ll look into the various ways we can eliminate or reduce stress in your life. Yes – it IS possible!

Pillar 5:


Taking random supplements won’t solve your health problems. Targeted supplements, on the other hand, can be a useful addition to a healthy lifestyle. We’ll work out how to personalise your own regimen so that you can feel balanced & full of life.

Well Connected brings together Wellness Warriors from around the world! That’s why we offer two group cohorts to best serve different time zones

Group Cohorts

Group 1


12pm Pacific | 3pm Eastern

Group 2


3pm Pacific | 6pm Eastern


Gutsy Group is Perfect For You If…

“The power of community to restore health is
far greater than any physician, clinic, or hospital.”

– Dr. Mark Hyman


"Within 3 months, I’ve experienced calmer symptoms, less stress and better overall health."

I had continuous stomach and gas problems, and it caused a great deal of stress and embarrassment in my life, every food I put into my system reacted straight away in a bad way. Within 3 months, I’ve experienced calmer symptoms, less stress and better overall health. 

I very much enjoyed the group meeting to see how well people were responding to the course. The thing I loved the most about Well Connected was the different approach to things. The lab testing, detailed analysis, and written report offered a very clear roadmap which helped me understand exactly why I’d been feeling the way I was feeling. I now have certainty about where I am headed.

Fiona, UK

Group Coaching FAQs

It depends. Over the course of 12-weeks, we meet twice a month (every two weeks) for one hour. Your protocol will require you to carve out small amounts of time daily for wellness rituals, like food prepping, movement and stress-reduction activities. 


Changing your life doesn’t happen overnight or by taking a magic pill. But I can say hundreds of busy women have set aside the time needed to experience success in this program.

I did too – multiple FMPs and NDs! My Functional Practitioner saved my life but guess what? IT WAS REALLY HARD to do all the diet and lifestyle changes by myself. So it inspired me to create Labs with Coaching – PLUS a community of like minded women going through the same issues, so you are never alone. You have weekly support, accountability and guidance. You are not in the dark, or having to wait months on end to have only 60 minutes with a doctor who may not even remember what you last spoke about. We work together as your personalized care team to support your body, and build health – we do not diagnose like a doctor would.  Within the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition world, there is only one diagnosis  – Metabolic Chaos. It is the root of all symptoms.  Because symptoms are not the problem, they are the result of the problem. So we work on addressing every cell, tissue and organ simultaneously, rather than symptom management. And this program offers you a Roadmap with a coach to guide you.

Nope! Coaching calls are for you to ask questions, review your progress, and feel a sense of accountability. If you can’t make it, that’s okay – but I do encourage you to join as many as you can within the 90 day period so you can get the most out of the program.

The time frame for healing is different for everyone. It could be 2 weeks or 10 months. Health is highly personal, if you hadn’t already caught on 😉 But I will say that you can’t transform your health overnight by taking a few supplements. It takes implementing real changes to your diet & lifestyle based on data.

Yes! If you eat what society views as a “healthy” diet (whole fruits and vegetables) and you’re still experiencing symptoms like acne, bloating, weight gain, irregular cycles, etc. you may not be eating foods that are healthy for your body. We’ll run functional lab tests to determine what “healthy food” means for you!

Just $2,800. 

I understand that this program is an investment. But if it’s the cost that’s holding you back, I want you to think about the cost of NOT joining. How much money are you losing when you can’t perform at your highest level? How much money are you spending on medications, supplements, and other treatments that haven’t transformed your health? Which decision is costing you more?


“Within 4 weeks of working with Raewyn, my mood, my outlook on life, and my future had considerably improved to 9/10!”

“When I first started working with Raewyn I wasn’t in a good place. On a scale of 0 – 10, with 0 being the lowest mood, I’d honestly say I was around a 2 at the most. However, within 4 weeks of working with Raewyn, my mood, my outlook on life, and my future had considerably improved and I’d say I was now at a 9!  On Raewyn’s suggestion, I’ve changed my already pretty healthy diet, to include more magnesium, zinc, and protein… something I really believe has made a huge difference to my mental health.”

Claire, York

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Health

Gutsy Group is the place to connect the dots, so you can finally feel at peace knowing exactly what works for you.