Krystal’s Full Story

Krystal from New York and London

My name is Krystal and I began working with Raewyn and Despina while I was living in London. After a year of not feeling very well in terms of energy and mood, I started to look for a nutritionist and functional doctor to help me sort out my anxiety, as well as my gut and hormone imbalances.

It sounds cheesy but it really was a life-changing experience! Just knowing that someone is on your side to figure out the root cause of health issues, while providing clear actionable steps and support makes it so much easier.

After Googling around, I came across Well Works and that’s where it all began. I really appreciated how organized and transparent the whole process was from the patient intake, to the cost and what’s expected of both myself, as a client, and Raewyn, as my Functional Medicine Health Coach.

The most valuable thing I learnt through working with Well Works is that my health is solely in my hands. Having Raewyn and Despina provide guidance and scientific advice was exactly what I needed.

I considered myself relatively healthy before but working with them has changed my outlook on how to nourish my body specifically for me, in order to feel, physically and emotionally, the best that I can.

What I liked most about working with Raewyn is that I like to know the ‘why’ of things so I ask a lot of questions, but she was patient in answering all of my questions and eager to share recipes and loads of additional scientific information to support my transition to living and eating uniquely for me.

I would highly recommend Raewyn and her practice to anyone who is looking for a supportive path to better health!

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