2 Day In-Person Retreat In The Mountains of Southern California


You’ll learn how to:

For the leader in search of mind-body alignment who

Discover the secret to living a life of meaning and purpose that's in alignment with the nutritional needs of your unique body

If you could be more effective in life and business, who could you inspire?





you can have once you’ve taken a deeper look at how you’re sleeping, eating, thinking, and how all that you’ve been through has shaped who you are and who you are becoming…

Day 1

Day 2

Hi, I’m Raewyn

The Gutsy Executive Coach, Wellness Warrior, On a Mission to awaken you to your potential

"... to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin

I’ve known the pain of staying stuck, where goals and dreams can feel like they’re out of reach because your body is not working with you.

I’m drawing on my own personal experiences of burnout and having to reinvent myself through:

👉🏼 10+ years in Corporate Wellness 

👉🏼 5+ years as a Functional Health Coach

👉🏼 14 years as a Cognitive Behavior Hypnotherapist 

👉🏼 4 years as a Digital Nomad

👉🏼 Relocating from a small Caribbean island to London to Mexico to the US across a 22 year span 

👉🏼 Breaking my back quite literally in 2010 but using Pilates to retrain my muscles

To offer you the fastest way to feeling the best you’ve ever felt, reconnecting you with your body, your why, and your joy.

Today, I’ve helped hundreds of women experience this freedom with my integrative approach to transformation.


If you don’t have a solid foundation of energy it becomes significantly more difficult to achieve your goals. Your energy can be depleted by the demands of modern life if you don’t know how to support your unique body with the best fuel, rest, movement or supplements. If you’ve been craving the time and space to disconnect from your daily routine and the noise of the external world, these 2 days are your opportunity to nourish yourself from the inside out, so that you can return to your life recharged and renewed. You’ll leave the weekend feeling more in tune with your body, with a clear plan for how to move your life forward.

Casita Vicente


This intimate setting – nestled in the mountains just 40 minutes drive from downtown – feels like a universe away from city life. With clean mountain air, solar power, purified well water, home grown vegetables, blue skies, and spectacular sunsets on the lake… It is the perfect place to reset your mind, body, and soul, under my guidance, but you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy sacred alone time.


This is an opportunity to work closely with Raewyn, to immerse yourself in the serenity of her home. She enjoys supporting those who are 100% all in for their transformation.

No. However we can arrange airport transfers from San Diego Airport. 2 Meals will be included. 

Yes! You will have access to the guest house overlooking a serene lake, out in the mountains. But you will also have access to me for 5 hours each day, across 2 days, learning how to eat, how to think, how to breathe, and how to move.

$4,000 and that includes your meals, as well as all the activities we’ll be doing together.