Download our Sleep Deeper mp3 because great days begin with great nights

Are you ready to spring out of bed each day? 


To feel full of life, yet calm and happy…


Right now, that may seem very far away because, you’re living on coffee or self-medicating to make it through the day…


You’re struggling to stay positive…


And being able to focus or remember feels like you’re in a fog …


Even though you think you’re eating healthily, you don’t feel any healthier or happier…


But I’m going to let you in on a secret… Creating joy is a science! And you just need the right formula, for YOU, to get the right results…


Having dealt with my own burnout issues, I know how distressing it can feel each day to feel like your brain and your body are working against you…


But once I’d learned the principles of personalising my nutrition, loving my body, engaging in self-care rituals that were specific for me, I got my mojo back, and I want this for you too.


Reset and Renew will give you that and more!

Your program includes


Your days of having to figure it all out alone are over. You may already have seen a practitioner who gave you medication, or supplements and a diet to follow, BUT you've found it difficult to follow, or you don't like how they make you feel. When we work together, my team and I develop a targeted plan of action aligned with YOUR life, and your individual needs. With me at your side, guiding you in a combination of 1:1 and group sessions, success is within reach!


To complement your 1:1 therapy and coaching, you will also have access to the Weekly Videos and worksheets every other week. You'll grow in confidence on what to feed your body, so that waking up feeling energised and staying energised becomes the norm!


We’ll delve into everything from your sleeping habits, to your sense of purpose and worth, dreams and aspirations, and your nutrition. With 10x the time your GP will spend with you, imagine what you'll take away from each session (hint: a definitive answer to why you've been feeling the way you're feeling, and a step-by-step plan on how to align you with your vision of where you want to be, and how you want to feel.)


You'll have Hypnotherapy guided meditation to work with between sessions. Repetition is required for lasting change and reprogramming new belief systems. We'll cover everything from stress reduction to nutrition. With me at your side, and in your head, you'll reinforce healthier habits even when we're not seeing each other.


In addition to the four full hours with me each month, you also have messenger access to me (and my team!) via our online Portal and App. Imagine having experts in the palm of your hand, there for you, whenever you have a burning question, or you're just needing a little clarity on your supplements or your nutrition. That's what you're getting, and it's our promise to you.


You'll have the option to purchase Functional Labs, which we will recommend once we conduct our initial consultation and establish your strengths and areas for improvement. You'll love the clarity and confidence that comes from knowing exactly how to nourish your body and your spirit.