Sharon’s Full Story

Sharon from London

My name is Sharon. I’m a mum of two and a part-time mature student based in London. Working with Well Works has had a massive effect on my life. I am now much more familiar with the needs of my body and am living proof that manageable lifestyle changes can have a transformational effect!

Before working with Raewyn, I often felt exhausted and suffered from ‘brain fog’ in the afternoons. I was also suffering from an increasing amount of joint pain. I decided to ask Raewyn for help after she worked with my husband. I saw a massive rise in his energy, motivation and mental wellbeing after he started the Well Works programme and I hoped to achieve a similar boost in energy.

The Well Works intake process was extremely thorough and, while I may have simply been aiming for more energy, Raewyn had higher ambitions for me. The Well Works team devised a diet and supplement programme that not only boosted my energy and eliminated the brain fog, thereby helping me focus better on my studies, but also tackled my joint pains and a long-standing problem with migraines.

I have suffered from hormone-related migraines for my entire adult life and, having spent time under the supervision of a migraine clinic at a major London hospital, I had a medication plan in place that I did not think could be improved. However, I still suffered from crippling migraines several times a month.  Astonishingly, within a few weeks of following the Well Works programme, my migraines had significantly reduced in number, and those that did occur were far less severe. I had never imagined this would be possible!  It has been wonderful not to have to miss quality family time to lie down in a dark room for hours each month.

After focusing initially on diet and supplements, my programme was expanded to other beneficial areas such as exercise and mindfulness. Raewyn was extremely supportive and enthusiastic throughout. It was also easy to talk to her about aspects of the programme that I found difficult. She was pro-active in suggesting steps to keep on track.  For example, I was still at a fairly restrictive phase of my diet over Christmas, and she sent me recipes for diet-compatible tasty treats so I would not feel I was missing out!

The thing that I remember most about working with Raewyn was her kindness and her really positive energy. She was extremely practical, genuinely had my best interests at heart, paid attention to what I said and gave thoughtful suggestions.

I would recommend Raewyn to anyone who has heard about the huge impact small changes in lifestyle can have but been skeptical to try, or those who are open-minded and curious but unsure where to start. The tools you are taught during the programme will stay with you. Raewyn takes time to explain why certain steps are being recommended, which means that I learned a huge amount about my body and what makes it tick. Even now, many months after my programme has finished, if I have a day or two of feeling under the weather, or have a few ‘naughty days’ where I eat foods that I know are not great for me,  I can identify exactly what is causing any negative symptoms, why it is happening, and what I can do to feel better and get myself back on track quickly.


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