What would it mean for you to wake up feeling rested and calm? 

You’re tired of being tired. Tired of waking up at 3am every night. Tired of that panic gripping your stomach as you watch the hours roll by, and you still haven’t got enough sleep.


You’ve tried over-the-counter sleep aids… camomile tea… you’ve even seen your doctor for prescription medication and tried meditation, but your mind just won’t switch off. 


Your thoughts keep you awake. You’re worried about not having enough energy to make it through the next day.


You’re worried about how much coffee you’re consuming now just to get through the week. 


You’re worried that you’re aging faster because of the poor quality of your sleep…


But I’m going to let you in on a secret… Sleep is a science! And like all sciences, it requires precision.


Having struggled with my own sleep issues, I feel your pain, and I know how that overriding exhaustion can colour every aspect of your day, ruin your workout plans, drive you toward the sugary treats for energy, and spiral you downward into despair.


But did you know that you can resolve your sleep issues by identifying gaps in your nutrition and filling them, as well as developing a new mindset?


You’ll benefit from the evidence-based approach of CBT Hypnotherapy combined with Functional Medicine, supported by the latest technology!  I’ve helped people all around the world thanks to our online portal and app say goodnight to their sleep issues, so they now experience restful nights, and energy-filled days!

Your program includes


Your days of having to figure it all out alone are over. You may already have seen a practitioner who gave you medication, or supplements and a diet to follow, BUT you've found it difficult to follow, or you don't like how they make you feel. This self-paced course is evidence-based in CBT supported by Nutrition to prime your body and mind for perfect sleep.


To complement your 1:1 therapy and coaching, you will also have access to the Sleep Better Stress Less e-learning course, where you'll receive videos, recordings and worksheets every other week. You'll grow in confidence on what to feed your body, so that waking up feeling energised becomes the norm!

Are you ready to sleep deeply every single night?