Incredible Transformations

Since beginning the program with Raewyn, I have increased energy, better digestion, better sleep, and better stress management. Before I worked with Raewyn, I would start most days with a racing heart, interrupted sleep and feeling fatigued. I didn’t have enough energy to exercise and I was severely constipated with bowel movements every 4 – 7 days! Her comprehensive approach to Diet Rest Exercise Stress Reduction and Supplements helped to make me feel more energy quickly. Energy was restored in 2-3 weeks after taking the supplements; 30-40 days for improved digestion; 60 days improved bowel motility; 45-60 days for sleep improvement. I now prepare early for bedtime by eliminating screen time and deep breathing exercises. I’m now able to enjoy more social engagements and exercise more because of increased energy. The program is life-changing. This is a comprehensive gut-healing program that addresses the needs of the whole body to improve gut health.  Nothing is more important than your health. It’s money well spent. It’s worth every penny! Invest in yourself and your well-being. Rae is very knowledgeable about digestion and its functions and gives comprehensive information on all the things that are related to regaining your wellness. She offers a wealth of helpful resources and to guide you through your journey; many from personal experience. The most valuable thing I’ve learnt is to listen to my body and give it what it needs!





My son Trey was very sick, depressed, anxious, low energy, and couldn’t sleep when we started. The GI docs put him on acid blockers for his GERD. The Endocrinologist docs said he had Hashimotos and there was nothing we could do about it and that there was no literature to support that a GF diet would help. We did the Gut Health and HTMA tests with Rae and found out that Trey had 3 types of parasites, leaky gut, and was gluten intolerant. Within 6 months, he was starting to feel back to normal. After a year, he is a completely normal boy again and his gut is healing. Now he works out every day and is a normal, active teenager. He benefits from increased health, decreased TPO antibodies, increased energy. The most important benefit has been the decreased TPO antibodies, because the Endocrinologist community said it couldn’t be done!!!! Rae is amazing – she’s tough but responsive. Caring and clear. She made sure we knew what the benefits to taking all the supplements would be and to not quit. She made sure we knew that it would take time, but that it was worth it! Even though it took a good 3 months for things to improve, we did see signs of improvement within the first 6 weeks. People are amazed when I tell them that my kid doesn’t really have Hashimoto’s and that it was gut related. When I show them the before and after pic of my son and he’s like a completely different human. It’s amazing! Rae is knowledgeable, kind and responsive. She won’t leave you hanging. The results speak for themselves.

Rae has been very helpful and my health has improved a great deal since we started to work together. I’d spent years trying different diets and cleanses to lose weight. While waiting for my Lab Results to come in, within 1 week of eating for my Metabolic type, I was less anxious and short of breath – something that had bothered me for 12 years – just from eating more protein and fat. I also lost 7 lbs without exercising. By week 4, I had lost 14 lbs.  What’s really incredible is that my husband lost 30 lbs along with me and is reducing the number of meds he takes! One year on, I have kept the weight off because I now know how to eat for my body rather than experimenting with fad diets. I really appreciate Rae’s knowledge and her kindness and concern. I highly recommend her!





The most important benefit was the testing for me. I love knowing what is going on with my body and how to treat it. I thought I was eating healthy foods like brussel sprouts and pumpkin seeds but you can be intolerant to healthy foods. Just taking out certain foods made a huge difference and I would have never known to do that without testing. I started feeling better within a month. I learned how to feed by body in the correct way, as well as how to relieve stress! I was also able to completely come off my anti-depressants.

When I started working with Raewyn, I was 77kg, suffering from chronic fatigue, excessive mucus production, breathing problems, and chronic headaches, connected to my monthly cycle. I literally had no energy or will to do anything. Within a month, I had dropped to 66kg and lost about 5cm from the waist with some minor improvement in symptoms. Following a discussion with Rae in one of our coaching sessions, I sought investigation via the NHS where a cancerous tumor was discovered in my left lung, which was surgically removed. I will be forever grateful to Rae for all the help she’s given, especially with tips on how to get the tests that were needed from the NHS. I have also learnt a lot from Rae surrounding nutrition and stress management.





When I found Rae, my mental and physical health were at breaking point. I was waking the middle of the night with a racing heart. I was bed bound. I couldn’t be there for my business or my children. I knew there was something the doctors were missing. They said I just had anxiety and there was nothing they could find. I thought that was it for me. Rae introduced me to a whole new world of Functional Medicine and I have honestly never looked back. I joined her program and she was incredible. 2 years on, I’m getting out and about more – finally having energy that I haven’t had in years. I have learned so much and changed forever on this journey. My world is opening up now and I’m so excited. I cannot shout it from the rooftops loud enough! She’s amazing!  

When I first started working with Raewyn I wasn’t in a good place. On a scale of 0 – 10, with 0 being the lowest mood, I’d honestly say I was around a 2 at the most. However, within 4 weeks of working with Raewyn, my mood and outlook on life and my future had considerably improved and I’d say I was at now at a 9!  On Raewyn’s suggestion, I’ve changed my already pretty healthy diet, to include more magnesium, zinc and protein… something I really believe has made a huge difference to my mental health.





I had continuous stomach and gas problems, and it caused a great deal of stress and embarrassment in my life.  Every food I put into my system reacted straight away in a bad way.  Within 3 months, I’ve experienced calmer symptoms, less stress and better overall health.  I very much enjoyed the group coaching to see how well people were responding to the course. The one thing I loved the most about working with Raewyn was the different approach to things. The lab testing, detailed analysis and written report offered a very clear roadmap which helped me understand exactly why I’d been feeling the way I was feeling. 

I now have certainty about where I am headed.

Before, I had bad sugar cravings In the afternoon, leading to energy slumps and general fatigue. I also suffered from a lot of anxiety and frequently felt overwhelmed, leading to me procrastinate a lot.  As a result of working with Raewyn, my sugar cravings have disappeared, I’m a lot less anxious and I’ve rediscovered my zest for life!  Since working with Raewyn, I’ve had the chance to create my own blog, which has always been a dream of mine. 





I am originally from Ireland and moved to London 11 years ago. I currently work in sports sponsorship marketing for an investment bank. The reason I started the program was to treat my hormonal acne and reduce inflammation.

I was almost losing hope, as nothing else was working! After speaking with Raewyn, I decided to try another approach, this time addressing the root causes of what was going on, and I’m thrilled that I did.  I have benefited by testing the composition of my gut bacteria and getting to understand my unique microbiome profile. What showed up in the test might have taken months to identify. I’m now on a course of supplements, and feeling great! 

I can’t say enough how much Raewyn has helped me over the past few months.  I had been going back and forth to the doctor’s for approximately 18 months with a lot of different symptoms, all of which they couldn’t supply an answer to why I was feeling the way I was.

I was feeling more and more unwell, with no hope of a diagnosis, so I decided to take a chance and sign up with Raewyn.  I don’t have a lot of spare income so was skeptical about spending the money I had but decided I needed to do something.  I’m so glad I did!  I’m just so grateful that I now know what’s wrong because that means I can do something about it.




New York

I began working with Raewyn and Despina while I was living in London.  After a year of not feeling very well in terms of energy and mood, I started to look for a nutritionist and functional doctor to help me sort out my anxiety, as well as my gut and hormone imbalances.

Very quickly, I began feeling better, once I’d completed the lab work and I began learning how to eat for me.  Just knowing that someone is on your side to figure out the root cause of health issues, while providing actionable steps and support makes it so much easier.  It sounds cheesy but it really was a life-changing experience!

 had been working in an extremely high pressured job, when I first met Raewyn. I was referred to her by a friend who had heard her deliver a talk at their office on the Biology of Sleep.

It is safe to say that I had reached ‘rock bottom’.  I was experiencing extremely distressing thoughts, unable to sleep, and was suffering from weekly, sometimes daily, panic attacks that I felt paralyzed my day-to-day life.  However, in a short space of time, Raewyn was able to teach me techniques and small lifestyle changes, alongside wonderful hypnosis / meditation, that allowed me to take back control of my thoughts, each day, in a way I didn’t think was possible.

There were no drastic changes but Raewyn taught me how to manage my panic attacks in small stages – which now, a year later, means I haven’t had one in over 6 months.

I felt – and continue to feel – like a different person, who found their ‘joy’ and love for life again in just 6 weeks of working with Raewyn.

I continue to use everything she taught me every day. I cannot thank her enough and am eternally grateful.





I’m a mum of two and a part-time mature student based in London. Working with Raewyn has had a massive effect on my life. I am now much more familiar with the needs of my body and am living proof that manageable lifestyle changes can have a transformational effect!

Before working with Raewyn, I often felt exhausted and suffered from ‘brain fog’ in the afternoons. I was also suffering from an increasing amount of joint pain. I decided to ask Raewyn for help after she worked with my husband. I saw a massive rise in his energy, motivation and mental wellbeing after he started the Well Works programme and I hoped to achieve a similar boost in energy.

I found Raewyn when I was experiencing some symptoms around my hormones, my gut, my mood and my skin that I couldn’t figure out with conventional medicine, despite running numerous tests.

However, once I ran the functional labs and implemented what I was guided through at Well Works, I cleared my skin in about 10 months – only by following a tailored diet and a course of supplements, which I find absolutely remarkable.

Other benefits that I noticed were around a reduction in my bloating, my energy improved, and I began being able to think clearer, and wasn’t subject to the low mood that I had come to accept as normal once a month.

My takeaway from the process is that your body can heal itself if you are prepared to do the work through the functional labs, tailor your nutrition and lifestyle appropriately in line with that, and then just give it time.

If you are ready to commit and give your gut time to heal, then functional medicine is probably the best choice you can make.  Dr Curran and Raewyn will also provide you with competent support and guidance to help you achieve your goals.



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