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The 5 week Launch Program for Graduates ready to automate their practice to effortlessly serve their clients and quickly scale!

Streamline Your Coaching Business in 5 weeks

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Manage your practice with ease from the start

You’ll be guided step-by-step to set up your own automated program for your clients within 5 weeks, using a platform that is specifically designed for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners



A 120-Day Automation in Biocanic for you to customize with How-To Trainings

In this 5 week program

you'll benefit from:

Hi, I’m Raewyn

The Gutsy Executive Coach, Wellness Warrior, and Woman On a Mission.

I’m the former Head of Health and Wellness for a Global Bank who went through an epic burnout in 2016 and had to reclaim my health.  Since then, I’ve retrained at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition to compliment my background in Personal Development, CBT Hypnotherapy and Positive Psychology.  

It’s why I set up a Health and Wellness Business, helping women around the world beat burnout for over 6 years. I did all this while living between the UK, Trinidad, Mexico and the US.

Through my online automated one to one, group programs, regular lives, masterclasses and podcasts, I’ve been able to build a community of health seekers who experience real results, all while I’ve been able to live life without burning out in my business.

If you’re ready, I’ll show you how to automate your business using Biocanic, so you can stay in your zone of genius helping hundreds of people, without sacrificing your own health and sanity!

You can book at 15 minute Zoom by clicking the button on the left!




  • A practitioner account with Biocanic
  • A Square or Stripe Account for integrating payments into Biocanic
  • A professional Canva Account
  • A professional Vimeo Account
  • A professional Audio / Video Editing Software like Screenflow or CamCast
  • A Loom Account
  • A Ring Light
  • A USB Mic
That being said, there are free versions of Canva, Screenflow, Vimeo and YouTube. However there may be watermarks, or limits on how many videos you can upload etc…  Payment processors like Stripe take a percentage of your sale, so there’s no upfront setup costs!

At this time, this program is solely for teaching you how to automate your practice with Biocanic. If you’d like additional coaching on this, you can connect directly with Raewyn for a one off 1:1 Business coaching session

  • Biocanic is our preferred provider as once you enroll as a practitioner, I’m able to copy the program I’ve created for clients directly across to your Biocanic account with all the automations in tact. It’s a turnkey solution. 
  • However, you can still use the Canva Templates for the Workbooks, Handouts and Slides for the Videos regardless of which platform you use.

Email raewyn@gutsyexecutivecoach.com or book a quick 15 min Zoom call using the button below.