The Confusion About What To Eat and What Supplements To Take Ends Here

This 3 month personalized Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Program is supported by Breathwork, Positive Psychology and Coaching to give you clarity, end the discomfort and renew your energy

You've tried it all

Medication. Supplements. Diets. Therapy. Seen the Specialists.

But you’re still not feeling better after all this time! 

And it's getting in the way of your plans and your dreams

Increasingly, you find yourself…

You wouldn't wait to fix your car until it was falling apart...

So why do this with your body?


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This 12-week 1:1 program is for the action-taker who is ready to begin a journey of self-discovery and empowerment far beyond anything you may have already experienced

If you're a leader who can't afford to waste any more time

stuck in the cycle of trial and error

It's time to eliminate the guesswork



We’ll begin with a 90 minute strategy call to review your lab work together & create your individualized protocol based on our findings. This is the roadmap you’ll follow for the entire program across 12 weeks. You’ll understand your bio-individuality.


You’ll be guided through bi-weekly sessions, videos, audio and workbooks to support you in the effortless embodiment of your program. This guidance includes meal planning, guided visualization, breathwork, meditations, & daily affirmations. 


You’ll learn to listen to your body rather than giving over your power to medications, doctors, influencers or the latest diet. Instead, you’ll find your power by gaining an in-depth understanding of your unique body, so you’ll know exactly how to fuel it for success.


“The most important benefit was the testing for me. I love knowing what is going on with my body and how to treat it. I thought I was eating healthy foods like brussels sprouts and pumpkin seeds but you can be intolerant to healthy foods. Just taking out certain foods made a huge difference and I would have never known to do that without testing. I started feeling better within a month. I learned how to feed by body in the correct way, as well as how to relieve stress! I was also able to completely come off my anti-depressants.”

 – Stacy, California

"Your gut is where life begins and it's linked to everything - your hormones, immune system, metabolism and mood."

Today, I’ve helped hundreds of women experience this freedom using this life-changing, evidence-based system.

Hi, I’m Raewyn

Functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, data-junkie, and Woman On a Mission

Like you, I know what it’s like to be confused about what is actually good for MY body!

Back in 2011, I was a corporate wellness manager at a global bank in Central London, and I’d been diagnosed with IBS.  

After almost a full year of being on antibiotics for chronic sinus, tonsils and chest infections, my gut health was ruined. That meant my Hormones, Immunity, Detox pathways, Energy, and Nervous system were also in trouble.


Despite my best efforts working within conventional healthcare – and even seeking out licensed acupuncturists, homeopaths and reiki practitioners – I was chronically exhausted, hardly able to peel myself out of bed in the morning, without being in pain, and then came the anxiety about if I was good enough to climb the corporate ladder, if my body wasn’t keeping up with my ambitions.

I kept searching until I discovered the Functional Medicine approach. 

Rather than one-size-fits-all diets & treatments I’d been trying for years, I now had a data-driven, personalized plan back to wholeness. Within just one month of doing functional labs & implementing a personalized protocol, I felt like a new woman, and I’ve NEVER looked back.


Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life

takes the guesswork out of gut health

Rather than investing time and money into one-size-fits-all therapies that you keep hearing *should* work… 

… you’ll get a tailored protocol based on insights found from your functional lab work, which will be your roadmap over the next 90 days. 

👋 Say goodbye to aimlessly trying different things to feel better, like…


Your protocol & coaching is structured around the 5 Pillars of Wellness: “D.R.E.S.S.” 

Pillar 1:


Up to 70% of your immune system, 80% of your serotonin (your happiness hormone) and about 50% of your GABA (your relaxation neurotransmitter) are produced in your gut. So we’ll begin by looking at your gut health – diving deep into ways you can optimize this in your life through Functional Lab testing which you do in the comfort of your home.

Pillar 2:


We’re living in a sleep deprivation epidemic, where nearly half of the Western World is sleep deprived. The problem? Sleep is the foundation for cellular repair. We’ll focus on ways you can optimize sleep, based on your own lifestyle & routine.

Pillar 3:


Not only does exercise make you look good (that’s a bonus), but movement can increase immunity, and elevate your mood and spirit. We’ll explore different ways to get your body moving so that you’re gaining energy from being active, rather than feeling drained. 

Pillar 4:

Stress Reduction

The modern world is full of stressors – from psychological (juggling a list of responsibilities) to biochemical (the food we eat) to environmental (the air we breathe). These can all have a significant impact on our bodies and mood. We’ll look into the various ways we can identify and eliminate (or reduce) stress in your life.  Yes – it IS possible!

Pillar 5:


Taking random supplements won’t solve your health problems. Targeted supplements, at the appropriate phases, on the other hand, can be a useful addition to a healthy lifestyle. We’ll work out how to personalize your own regimen so that you can feel balanced & full of life.


"Within 1 month, I found that I could eat more without gaining weight or feeling bloated or uncomfortable."

I was always tired and dealing with overeating each evening because when I ate during the day I felt bloated, and I’d told myself that if I ate all day, I would put on weight. However, within the first week Raewyn showed me how to 1. eat according to my Metabolic Type and 2. eliminate foods that were causing me discomfort. We included certain supplements to ensure I was breaking down my food, and we worked on eating more mindfully. This meant that I could eat more, and more often without bloating and without putting on weight. Now I actually have energy throughout the day, and I no longer end up making poor choices later in the day, so I haven’t gained any weight.  The regular sessions were really helpful for keeping me on track with my goals.  I love that we didn’t just obsess about food and supplements. We worked on my sleeping habits, my barriers to accomplishing my goals and ways to create more freedom and joy.

– Sabrina, UK

Heal Your Gut is Perfect For You If…

“The most powerful thing you can do for your health is at the end of your fork.”

– Dr. Mark Hyman

Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life FAQs

To begin with, you’ll need to collect your samples at home, so you’ll have to carve out time for that. As you’ll be working on your health daily, it’s recommended you block out 15-30 minutes for self-care to review materials. Your protocol will require you to carve out small amounts of time daily for wellness rituals, like food prepping, movement and stress-reduction activities.  Changing your life doesn’t happen overnight or by taking a magic pill. But I can confidently say that the hundreds of busy women who have invested the time, experience success.

I did too! My Functional Practitioner saved my life but guess what? IT WAS REALLY HARD to do all the diet and lifestyle changes by myself. So it inspired me to create Labs with Coaching , so you are never alone on this journey. You have weekly support, accountability and guidance. You are not in the dark, or having to wait months on end to have only 60 minutes with a doctor who may not even remember what you last spoke about. We work together to support your body’s ability to create health.  I never diagnose or chase symptoms, because I’ve seen that symptoms are not the problem, they are the result of the problem. So our work together is on addressing every cell, tissue and organ simultaneously, rather than symptom management. This program offers you a Roadmap with a coach to guide you.

You’ll feel better if you do! Very often all the changes that need to be made can feel overwhelming so the coaching calls are designed specifically for you to ask questions, review your progress, and have a sense of accountability. If you can’t make the calls at the expected cadence of every other week, then please let me know well ahead of time so we can make other arrangements, and find the best possible timing for you! 6 calls are meant to be taken within 12 weeks which works out to 2 calls a month for 3 months. 

The timeframe for healing is different for everyone. It could be 2 weeks or 10 months. Health is highly personal, if you hadn’t already caught on 😉 But I will say that you can’t expect for your health to magically transform just by taking a few supplements. It takes implementing real changes to your diet & lifestyle, based on YOUR data. You can read reviews from former clients to get a a better idea of what to expect.

Yes! If you eat what society views as a “healthy” diet (whole fruits and vegetables) and you’re still experiencing symptoms like acne, bloating, weight gain, irregular cycles, etc. you may not be eating foods that are healthy for your body, or you may have an underlying infection or toxin overload. We’ll run functional lab tests to determine what “healthy food” means for you! Learn about the labs here.

Just $7,500 including the cost of the labs. 

I understand that this program is an investment. How much money are you losing when you have to cancel a meeting, or a work trip because you aren’t able to function at the highest level? How much money are you spending on medications, supplements, and other treatments that haven’t transformed your health? Which decision is costing you more?

"The first wealth is health."

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s Time To Take Your Life To The Next Level

Heal Your Gut will help you connect the dots, so you have the confidence to move forward and start creating the IMPACT that is your birthright.