Why Functional Labs

If you’re consistently hearing, “Everything looks normal”, but you still have symptoms, it’s an opportunity to become the CEO of Your Health… to go deeper with other testing like the saliva, urine, hair, stool. Although these tests are not intended to diagnose or treat, they empower you by offering clarity around how the body’s systems are functioning. The body’s systems don’t operate in isolation.  They work together as a system, therefore, there has to be a strategy, a system, a process for addressing the dysfunction and it starts with asking the question “Why.”   Why is this showing up for me? Why is it showing up in this place?

One of the things I’ve learned is just because you have a thyroid or hormone problem, doesn’t mean your thyroid or hormones are the problem. In functional medicine we always say, the symptom is not the problem, it is the result of the problem. The real problem exists much further upstream.  So my job is to keep asking, Why – do you have this in the first place… which is why eliminating foods is only a small piece of the puzzle. The more data you have, the easier it is to put together the pieces. And that’s the reason why the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition system I follow – requires that we collect a specific set of data points to help make sense of what is happening within your body.


Which Labs

We begin with testing from our preferred labs in the US who mail the test kits to your home:

  • Saliva Collection for stress and sex hormones
  • A Dried Urine Test for looking at how well the liver is working, as well as cellular stress and aging
  • Stool Testing for examining the balance of bacteria and to screen for parasites, and infections
  • A Finger Prick Blood Test to determine the integrity of the gut lining, as well as levels of histamine
  • A Hair Tissue Test to offer insight into the balance of minerals which are important for property functioning of the nervous system, metabolism, thyroid, and the presence of heavy metals.
  • A Urine test for Organic Acids which offers insight into over 76 markers including neurotransmitters, mold, candida, as well as nutrients

Finally, the only test we require a blood draw for is:

  • A Food Sensitivity Test called the Mediator Release Test, which doesn’t require you to consume foods you’re intolerant to in order for them to show up. Identifying and eliminating trigger foods can reduce hives, acne, headaches, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, brain fog and restore energy.

At home testing means that it is extremely convenient for you to collect samples. Bear in mind that these are specialist labs and most doctors are not even aware of their existence, so you are unable to order through your doctor. They need to be ordered through your Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner, i.e. me or one of the practitioners on my team.

These Functional Tests are not covered by insurance. 


Will functional health coaching still benefit me if I already eat a generally healthy diet?
Yes! If you eat what society views as a “healthy” diet (whole fruits and vegetables) and you’re still experiencing symptoms like acne, bloating, weight gain, etc., you may not be eating foods that are healthy for your body. We’ll run functional lab tests to determine what foods are actually healthy for you!


What does Hypnosis have to do with Nutrition

I’ve been a practicng Hypnotherapist since 2008 where I worked exclusively on panic attacks, anxiety and phobias, before evolving into working on personal development. The form of Hypnosis I practice is Cognitive Behavioral. It is the only form of Hypnosis that is evidence-based and has an excellent track record of breaking old habits and belief systems. When combined with personalizing nutrition, I have found it to be extremely powerful for getting rapid results and transforming an individual’s mindset and upleveling their life. For example, it is extremely effective for Smoking Cessation, because while we can do the work on a psychological level, we can also support the body’s detoxification systems to reduce cravings and make the transition into identifying as a non-smoker so much easier.


Is Hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis, in this Cognitive Behavioral form, is not only safe, it is highly beneficial. With hypnotherapy, I simply teach you how to use a state of focused attention with visualization, elevated emotion and repetition to reprogram old beliefs and behaviours. By learning this technique the habitual associations and associated responses of the mind and body. Through this natural state of deep absorption and openness, new thought habits, new emotional responses and new behavioural habits can be introduced deeply into the mind.


How many sessions will I need?

If you are part of the Heal Your Gut 1:1 program, hypnosis sessions are in addition to the included bi-weekly Health Coaching sessions.

If you would only like Hypnosis sessions, in my experience 4 – 6 sessions can be all a person requires once the sessions occur within a week of each other and my Reset and Renew 1:1 program will likely be more suitable. Repetition is the key here. In the case of Single Session Smoking Cessation, only one 2 hour Appointment is required, but a Readiness Assessment needs to be completed in advance, and an element of mental preparation is required before the appointment.


I have worked with a Functional Medicine Doctor or Naturopathic Doctor before. How is this any different?

I did too! My Functional Doctor saved my life but guess what? IT WAS REALLY HARD to do all the diet and lifestyle changes he wanted me to do by myself. He also only ran one lab at a time, so the entire process was very slow!  I don’t know about you but I don’t have that kind of time to waste… It’s why I studied and use Functional Diagnostic Nutrition which inspired me to create Labs with Coaching for a minimum of 90 days – PLUS I’ve also created a community of like-minded women going through the same issues, so you are never alone. You have support, accountability and guidance. You’re not in the dark, or having to wait months on end to have only 60 minutes with a doctor who may not even remember what you last spoke about. We work together as your personalized care team to support your body, and build health – I do not diagnose like a doctor would. I am not looking for disease. I’m looking for dysfunction. Within the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition world, there is only one diagnosis – Metabolic Chaos. It is the root of all symptoms.


How much time will I need to dedicate to this program?

It depends. My Functional Health programs Heal Your Gut (1:1) and Well Connected (Group) are 12 weeks long from the minute you receive your Lab Results and have your Lab Review. Over the course of 12-weeks, we meet twice a month (every two weeks) for one hour. Your protocol will require you to carve out small amounts of time daily for wellness rituals, like food prepping, movement and stress-reduction activities. Changing your life doesn’t happen overnight or by taking a magic pill. But I can say that with my help, hundreds of busy women have invested the time needed to experience success in this program.

Am I required to make it to every group coaching call?

Nope! Group calls are for you to ask questions, review your progress, share your successes, and feel a sense of accountability. If you can’t make it, that’s okay – but I do encourage you to join as many as you can within the 90 day period so you can get the most out of the program, as there is no 1:1 support in the Group Program.


How long does functional health coaching take in order to start seeing results?
The time frame for healing is different for everyone. It could be 2 weeks or 10 months. Health is highly personal, if you hadn’t already caught on. But I will say that you can’t transform your health overnight by taking a few supplements. It requires dedication and consistency to implement real changes to your diet & lifestyle so you can start seeing real results.


How much do your programs cost?

Health Foundation begins at $1,700 and includes the cost of 2 labs. Well Connected Group Coaching begins at $2,800 and includes the cost of 2 labs. However additional labs may be added. The Heal Your Gut program includes 5-7 labs and Become the CEO of Your Health includes the same plus REPEAT labs, so the price can vary.

I do not offer individual single sessions as this is unlikely to get you where you want to go. I understand that investing in yourself in this way may be a bit alien to you.

But if it’s the cost that’s holding you back, I want you to think about the cost of NOT joining:

  • How much money are you losing when you can’t perform at your highest level?
  • How much money are you spending on medications, supplements, spa days, vacations and other treatments that haven’t transformed your health?
  • Which decision is costing you more long-term?


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